HitFit Privacy Policy

Updated: June 25, 2018

Effective: Pending

We believe that transparency is the key to any healthy relationship. At HitFit, we are wholeheartedly for health. Grateful for your trust in us and provide us with your important information. We will also remain transparent about how to use your information.

Here we explain the privacy practices of our devices, applications, software, products and services. You will know the data we collected, how to use it, the protection measures we manage your privacy information.

Details as follows:

Information We Collect

When you use our services, we will collect the following types of information.

Information You Provide Us

Account information

When starting to use our APP ,need to provide some information, such as your name, date of birth, gender, height, weight, and so on. You just need to provide this information when you start using our APP. You can also choose to provide other types of information, such as profile image.

Extra information

If you contact us for feedback, we will collect the problem description and contact information you submitted, such as email.

Information we received for your use of our services

Device information

Your device will collects data and predicts various indicators such as your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, weight, heart rate, sleep status, active minutes, and location. The data collected varies according to the device you use. When you sync your device through apps or software, data recorded on your device will be transferred from your device to our server.

Location information

Services include accurately locate data, Like GPS signals, device sensors, Wi-Fi access points, and cell tower ID. You authorize us to visit your location via IP address. You can also disagree our access by setting up your HitFit device or mobile device. But we can also get your approximate location from your IP address.

Usage information

When you use our App, we will receive relevant usage data which including visit page records and operational records.

Health and other special categories of personal information

If we collected information of health data or other personal special categories that comply with the European Union's "General Data Protection Regulations" ("GDPR"), we require that you explicitly agree to process the data.You need to authorize us to collect data (for example, when you pair device with your account, authorize us to access your exercise or activity data , or use the women’s health tracking feature). Normally we can obtain these data default. You can revoke your consent any time in your App setting, including deleting all your data, and your account and other information.

The way we use information

The collected information for the following purposes.

Provide and maintain services

Using the information we collected, we are able to provide services and comply with terms of service. For example, we need to use your information to provide you with a HitFit control panel to track your workouts, activities, and other trends; implement the community features of the service; and give you customer support.

In order to achieve the community features of the service, we may use your information to help you find and contact other users, and allow other users to find and contact you. For example, your account contact information can make other users add you as a friend. When another user's address book or your friend has your email address or mobile number, we will show that user that you are our user.

Improve, customize and develop services

We use the collected information to improve, customize and develop new services. For example, we use information to troubleshoot and prevent errors;perform data analysis and testing;conduct research and investigations; and develop new features and services.

When you allow us to collect precise location information, we can provide and improve the service, such as recording sports venues, drawing activity roadmaps, and getting weather forecasts.

We also use your information to make inferences and show you more relevant content. Here are some examples:

Communicate with you

We will use your information to send you service notices when needed and respond to you when you contact us.

Promote safety

We use the information we collected to promote the security of our services, our users and others. For example, we can use information to authenticate the identity of users, prevent fraud and abuse, respond to legal claims or claims, conduct audits, and implement our terms and policies.

We use cookies and similar technologies to achieve these goals.

For personal information under the GDPR, we process data based on several legal grounds. These include when you give your consent (you can use your account to withdraw consent at any time); when processing data is necessary to enter into a contract with you (such as a terms of service); and our legitimate business interests, such as improving, customizing and developing services and promoting the above security.

How to share information

We will not share your personal information except in the limited circumstances described below.

When you agree or instruct us to share

You can instruct us to disclose your information to others, such as when you use community features such as our forums, leaderboards, friends circles, and other social tools. For related information, we will provide you with privacy preferences and other tools in the account settings to control the information that is visible to other users on the service. Please note that if you choose to participate in the Challenge, information such as your avatar, messages posted, total steps in your challenge, personal statistics and achievements will not be subject to your privacy preferences and will be visible to all other challenge participants.

External processing

We will transmit the information to our company affiliates, service providers and other partners, who will process the information in accordance with our instructions as well as this policy and any other related confidentiality and security measures. These partners provide us with services worldwide, including customer support, information technology, payments, sales, marketing, data analysis, research, and surveys.

Legal reasons or to prevent harm

To comply with laws, regulations, legal procedures, or government requirements; to assert legal rights or to defend legitimate claims; to prevent, detect, or investigate illegal activities, fraud, abuse, breach of our terms, or threats to service or any security Personal security threats to personnel, we can save or disclose your related information.

Please note that according to our policies, we will notify you of legal proceedings that require access to your information, such as search warrants, court orders or summons, except as prohibited by law. If the court order provides for a period of confidentiality, we will give notice after the end of the period of confidentiality. Our notification policy exceptions include: emergencies or situations that do not achieve the desired goals, such as emergencies that endanger life or serious personal injury.

We may share non-personal information that has been aggregated or not identifiable to make it unreasonable for personal identification. We may disclose this information and disclose it to third parties, for example, in public reports on sports and events, to partners who have agreements with us, or as part of the community baseline information we provide to subscribers.

If we participate in mergers, acquisitions, or sales of assets, we will continue to take measures to protect the confidentiality of personal information and notify affected users before transferring any personal information to a new organization.

Your right to access and control your personal information

Wherever you live, we will provide you with account settings and tools to access and control your personal data, as described below.

Access and export data. With your software, you can access most of your personal information, including your dashboard and statistics on daily workouts and activities. You can also use your account settings to download related account information in a common file format, including data on your activities, health, diet, and sleep.

Edit and delete data. Through account settings, you can change and delete your personal information. For example, you can edit or delete the account data you provided and delete your account as needed. With account settings, you can choose to delete all your uploaded data and all your relevant data will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.

Against the use of data. We provide you with account settings and tools to control our data usage. For example, with privacy settings, you can limit how your information is displayed to other users on the service. You can also use the HitFit app to cancel your device pairing from your account at any time.

If you need further assistance with your rights, please email to appfeedback@hinteen.com, contact our Data Protection Officer and we will consider your request in accordance with applicable law.

Data retention

We will retain your personal information, such as height, weight, exercise or activity data, until you use your account settings to delete data or accounts as we use this data to provide you with personal statistics and other services.

Our policies for children

We attach great importance to taking additional measures to protect the privacy of children.

Persons under the age of 13 or the same minimum age of residence jurisdiction (the higher of the two) may not use the software except as agreed by the parents under the relevant laws. If the personal information we collect belongs to the child of the relevant minimum age and we do not obtain parental consent, we will take measures to delete the information as soon as we know of the situation. If parents think that their children have submitted personal information to us, they can contact us by appfeedback@hinteen.com to delete this information.

Information security

We do our best to protect your data security. We use the combination of technology, management, and actual security controls to ensure the security of your data. This includes the use of Transport Layer Security (“TLS”) to encrypt many of our services. However, no data transmission or storage is absolutely complete. If you have security concerns, please contact appfeedback@hinteen.com.

Our international business and data transfer

Our business is spread all over the world and the information is transmitted to Germany, Hong Kong and other countries for the purposes described in this policy.

We legally transmit personal data on a global basis based on multiple legal basis. This includes your consent, EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. privacy protections, and the European Commission-approved model contract terms which require a degree of privacy and security protection. For a copy of the model contract terms, please contact us. We follow the principles of privacy protection when collecting, using, sharing, and storing personal information, as described in our Privacy Protection Certificate. If you are dissatisfied with our privacy protection compliance, please contact us. In some cases, privacy protection arbitrators may be triggered.

Please note that the privacy and data protection laws of the countries in which we operate may be different from your country and may be less protective than the laws of your country. When you start using HitFit software and click "I agree" for data transmission, you have agreed to assume this risk no matter what country you live in. If you wish to withdraw your consent in the future, you can cancel your consent in the account settings or delete any further uploads.

Company introduction and contact information

If you have any questions and suggestions about this policy or your information we use, please contact appfeedback@hinteen.com.

Hinteen, Inc. will control your personal data and provide service. You can also contact us via the following methods:

Telephone: 86-0755-23006881

Address: Room 211, Block A, Bao'an Zhigu, No. 4, Yintian Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China